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Antoine D. Williams has proven to me that he is a dedicated, highly ethical and principled advisor and litigator as proven by having resolved my personal injury case with only a small amount of evidence-based information and continuing pursuit of the ultimate truth. He was patient but relentless until my case was resolved to my complete satisfaction. During the entire process he kept me well informed of all of my options and provided gentle but expert guidance in making choices. He included his stated willingness to continue or discontinue the legal process at any point despite his own personal opinion or amount of work involved. I will not hesitate to engage Dr. Williams in future legal matters should they arise, and have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who desires an informed, articulate, ethical and extremely professional lawyer. Thank you, Antoine, for your invaluable assistance, especially in your field in which I had no previous expertise.

Former Client – Laura

Mr. Williams was amazing! I was in an accident and was recommended to a lawyer  in Encino who did nothing, never returned calls and just sat on my file for over a year! Frustrated I started looking for another lawyer and that is where Mr. Williams came in. He agreed to take the file from the other attorney and help me settle this once in for all. He was so informative and professional! You can tell he is good at what he does by just talking to him! He answered all my questions, told me what to expect, kept touch with me on a regular basis and more importantly answered my calls…refreshing!!! He fought hard for me and I’m happy to say that I got a nice settlement from 21st century last week and I owe it all to him! Thank you Mr. Williams!!

Yelp User

He Gave Me A Fresh Start!

I highly recommend the Law Office of A.D. Williams for all your legal concerns.
I recently was faced with a legal situation that was going to negatively affect my name, future, and financial situation greatly. I was guilty as charged and didn’t know what to do, but I knew I needed an attorney. Three weeks before I was to appear in court, I consulted with Mr. Williams and acquired his services. His representation saved my name, my future endeavors, and greatly reduced my financial burden.

Former Client – S.A. Morris

Very useful, knowlageable, and friendly.
Laid out in details my question very well.. and quickly too.

Alexey M. – Yelp User


“I have known Mr. Williams for many many years. I have seen him in court, in lock-up, and with his client’s families. He is always kind but forthright and honest. I would trust him to represent myself if needed. I do not hold many fellow defense attorneys in such high regard. He is truly one of a kind. He has gotten many not guilty verdicts in one of the toughest cities in LA County.

A. Konstantelos
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Williams for several months. He is a compassionate and dedicated advocate. He treats all his clients with respect and works hard to get them the best possible outcome. He’s smart and extremely well liked in the legal community. I endorse Mr. Williams!

N. Diaz Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Mr. Williams fights for his clients in the courtroom, is extremely knowledgeable on legal issues, and obtains incredible results for everyone he defends. I endorse this lawyer.

S. Dalal Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I’ve known Mr. Williams for many years and he is my go to with criminal questions. He is an exceptional attorney who is honest and ethical. He also has great reputation in the community for his successful representation of his clients. I strongly endorse this lawyer.”

M. Rofeh Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Antoine is an honest and trust worthy person who also happens to be an excellent attorney. I endorse him without hesitation.

J. Lessem Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I highly recommend Antoine Williams! I have known Mr. Williams for about 7 years. During that time, I have consistently consulted him about case and trial strategy, as he always offers a strong, unique perspective on cases. I have seen Mr. Williams work wonders on cases, as he seemingly always obtains results I didn’t think were possible. I’ve had so much faith in his ability that I have referred close friends and family to seek his counsel. The last few years, Mr. Williams and I have joined up to dedicate our time to training budding lawyers by coaching a mock trial team together. There, I have seen Mr. Williams share his wealth of knowledge with trial advocacy, strategy, and the rules of evidence. It has been an amazing experience, which culminated in us coaching a National Championship team, out of over 600 teams in the nation.”

M. Kelly
Relationship: Worked together on matter

“Antoine D. Williams is an experienced, respected and very talented criminal attorney. I worked with him while I was a prosecutor and I have personally seen Mr. Williams aggressively and effectively represent many clients in difficult situations. He knows how to communicate with prosecutors to the advantage of his clients and can make clients feel at ease with his knowledge and expertise. It is without hesitation that I endorse Antoine D. Williams.

D. Aizman DUI & DWI Attorney
Relationship: Opposing Counsel on matter

“AHaving known Mr. Williams for some time, it is without hesitation that I endorse him. He is a tenacious advocate who has achieved many successes for his clients in one of the most difficult courthouses in Los Angeles County.

J. Duran Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I endorse this lawyer. I have known Antoine since law school and since that time he has had the pointed goal of helping others via his legal education. Mission accomplished! I have seen Antoine work as a Public Defender. He is a knowledgeable and highly experienced attorney who fights for his clients. Antoine’s clients are lucky to have him as their advocate.

A. Fontana Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Antoine is an intelligent, silky smooth skilled veteran trial lawyer; he is a passionate advocate. I’ve seen this man throw down in court many times for those desperately in need. He gets crazy favorable results every time I have watched him. He is an impressive, and unbelievably effective lawyer through all criminal case phases. I unequivocally endorse Antoine.”

A. Leventhal Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known and worked with Antoine Williams for several years. His reputation as a skilled advocate is well-deserved. He possesses both natural talent and a wealth of knowledge, which makes him an exceptional choice as a legal representative.

N. Campbell Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

A. D. Williams is a phenomenal trial attorney and has excellent negotiation skills. If you or a family member is facing a criminal charge, you will not regret hiring Mr. Williams.”

K. Hardie Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“A tenacious, wonderfully creative and a tremendously effective attorney on any case he touches! You would be in more than capable hands with Antoine. I highly endorse this lawyer.

K. Patel Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Any client lucky enough to have AD take their case should count him as one of their blessings. He is an accomplished and effective trial attorney, who secures amazing results time and time again. Not only do I endorse this attorney, but I would send my close friends and family members to him, myself.

A. Kazarian Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known Antoine for over 10 years both personally and professionally. He is a skilled attorney that is excellent in the courtroom, not only as a proficient trial attorney but also as a great negotiator that will fight for his clients’ rights.

H. Patel Criminal Defense
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Intelligent, skilled and experienced. I cannot say enough about Mr. Williams. He is an amzaing trial attorney and treats his clients with respect giving them the best defense possible. I highly endorse Mr. Williams!

S. Megerditchian Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Worked together on matter

“One word superb. I have had the opportunity to watch Mr. Williams in trial and he has an impressive command of the courtroom. Mr. Williams is respected by both Prosecutors and Judges. It is without hesitation I endorse him.

J. Tooson Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Williams is a hardworking individual. He always puts his client’s interest first. Mr. Williams is a solid advocate and a go to person for all things related to criminal law.

P. Baghdaserians Family Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I have known Mr. Williams for 10 years since we were law students together. He is always professional, courteous and a very strong advocate. He is an excellent trial attorney who gets great results for his clients.

T. Shawky Criminal Defense Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“Having known Mr. Williams for nearly a decade, both personally and professionally, I can endorse and recommend him as an attorney at the highest level. He is honest, trusting, caring and battles for his clients in a passionate way.

R. Ohanian Personal Injury Attorney
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

“I endorse this lawyer. Antoine is a tenacious, creative and knowledgeable attorney who fights hard for his clients.

A. Vaysberg Car Accidents Attorney
Relationship: Worked together on matter


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