Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

At the Law Offices of A.D. Williams, A.P.C our Los Angeles, Pasadena and Van Nuys attorneys handle a wide range of civil litigation matters throughout California. It is extremely important that you seek the assistance of a qualified legal team with real trial experience when attempting to navigate through California’s complex legal system.

Civil litigation differs from criminal prosecution because civil litigation typically involves disputes between individuals, businesses, or organizations regarding the legal duties and responsibilities they owe each other. There are some circumstances in which the same facts that give rise to a criminal case can also be the grounds for a civil law suit. Although our firm prides itself on its trial skills, we use a client-centric approach to try and resolve clients’ disputes smoothly and quickly if possible.

Civil Litigation cases include, but are not limited to the following areas

  • Police Shooting
  • Wrongful Imprisonment
  • Racial Profiling
  • Police Beating
  • Excessive Force
  • Sexual Assault



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