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A.D. Williams is an accomplished Los Angeles based trial attorney and Principal Owner at The Law Office of A.D. Williams. He has handled thousands and thousands of cases ranging from traffic violations to special circumstance murder cases. His experience as a successful trial attorney gives him the unique ability to analyze a case from both a legal and practical aspect. As such, his reputation as an experienced litigator has led to many amazing results for his clients. Mr. Williams has practiced law and tried cases all throughout Southern California, garnering the respect of prosecuting attorneys, Judges, jurors, defense attorneys and peers.

Criminal Defense

Mr. Williams has always shown a desire to provide a voice for the poor, injured and often forgotten members of our society. This desire led him to work for two of the largest defense firms in Los Angeles County as a government appointed defense attorney. While working in this capacity, Mr. Williams stood out as a remarkable trial attorney, receiving recognition for his willingness to try any type of case and often winning the “unwinnable” case. A true trial attorney, Mr. Williams has tried a vast range of cases that include everything from petty thefts and DUI’s, to murder.

Through tireless effort and the highest ethical standards, Mr. Williams established a reputation within the legal community as being a successful and aggressive trial lawyer.

Personal Injury/Civil Practice

Mr. Williams has experience handling hundreds and hundreds of personal injury cases as both an attorney and as an insurance claims adjuster. He began his personal injury career working as an adjuster for some of the leading insurance companies in California, including Mercury Insurance. Mr. Williams recognizes the insurance claims process can be very stressful and confusing, but he is equipped with the knowledge and training necessary to successfully navigate through the grueling process. He utilizes the training and experience he received as a claims adjuster to help his clients maximize their settlements.

Mock Trial

Mr. Williams never planned on becoming a trial attorney. However, he had the opportunity to clerk for the Honorable Judge Andrew Kauffman during law school. The clerkship exposed him to a considerable number of criminal and civil jury trials and he quickly fell in love with litigation. With a new found passion, he tried out and was selected to become a member of his law school’s mock trial honors program, where he stood out as an advanced advocate. Although Mr. Williams left the mock trial world for real life high stakes jury trials, he maintained a desire to share his successful trial techniques with young advocates. In 2012, Mr. Williams began coaching UCLA’s nationally recognized varsity mock trial team. In just his first year, the team finished third in the nation (second in their division) and in year two, they were crowned national champions. Mr. Williams now serves as a consultant to the program.


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